A Message From​ An Italian Girl To The Current State Leaders: “The Blindness Of Your Selfishness Made You Forget That The Virus Has No Borders, It Will Strike Everyone, You Too!”

A Message From​ An Italian Girl To The Current State Leaders: "The Blindness Of Your Selfishness Made You Forget That The Virus Has No Borders, It Will Strike Everyone, You Too!" |

A letter that is written by the hands of an Italian girl to all current state leaders who abandoned Italy in the time it needed them the most to fight Coronavirus and didn’t provide them with what they need from masks and medical supplies.

Thank you dear Mr. Macron dear Mr. ra Merkel, thank you for abandoning us in our time of need, thank you for denying us to buy from you simple masks and other medical principals to fight the spread of the virus.

and she added with a heart full of soreness,

We would have paid them, you know?!! We are Italian, the dirty, loud, undisciplined, funny, folklore, poor and sometimes mafia…. but we are also the ones who built you the streets, schools, taught you the alphabet you use, Explained laws, law, organization of the state and the creation of law.

Then she started talking about Italy and the Italian people and said:

It is us, the Italians, the authors of the works that fill your museums, the texts you study, of the inventions you use, those that with huge expenses and sacrifices find themselves to preserve and manage well over 70 % of the cultural heritage and world artistic asking you for a small amount for the ticket of museums and sometimes not even that.

then she added,

It’s us, the Italians, are the ones who have offered you the art and culture on which ours and your civilization is based, the maximum expression of beauty, harmony, the balance that the human being has ever achieved.

It’s us, the Italians who first offered you civilization, which then you took down dragging the world into the middle ages, and then, once they were raised and reborn, we once again offered the world civilization, art, geography, economics, education.

It’s us, the Italians who created parmesan, mozzarella, ham, mortadella, salami, ravioli tortellini, lasagna ice cream, pizza, etc. etc., those who brought to France the vineyards and taught you how to make wine, grappa the distillates, those who fight against your attempts to monkey our products and copy the name but also the style and Fashion.

After that she started speaking directly to Donald Trump and she said:

You too Mr. Trump and you Mr. Johnson, thank you for blocking us in the first place instead of helping us. I remember you, Mr. Trump, that if it wasn’t for an Italian now he would be in the land of his ancestors starving and not in America being rich and couldn’t even eat potatoes because you would never have them without a fearless Italian who sailed to the unknown. Good morning.

and added,

To you Mr. Johnson I remember that the luck of his nation is based on a flag we allowed you to hoist on your ships not to be attacked by pirates, the Cross of San George granted by the Republic of Genoa, without that you would have been wiped out by the Saracens. We taught you navigation and you learned it well!

To all of you, when you call, think of Meucci, when you watch TV or listen to the radio, think of Marconi, when you use electricity like there was no tomorrow, you think you couldn’t have done it if there wasn’t stop!

And then she proudly started talking about the Italian history,

We Italians have invented banks, universities, perspective, architecture, engineering, astrophysics, calendar, music to other countless things.

They were Italian: Giotto, Colombo, Marco Polo, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Bernini, Tiziano, Raphael, Brunelleschi, Galileo, Caesar, Octaviano, Vespasian, Aurelio, Dante and I could continue for hours…

My dears, in hearing the name ITALY, you should shoot up, lower your head and be aware that the origin of western society is her if we ask you for help you should run, because if you drag the world back into the middle ages I don’t know if there We will make civilization reborn again.

And she proceeded saying:

If you don’t care, then please be pleased with what you have, stay and admire a few tons of bolted iron and when you visit your museums, please skip the works of Italians…. you will finish your visit very quickly, you can go to Visit immediately a beautiful car factory, diesel may be, of those that don’t pollute only to checks, go visit those who are castles and for you and for us trivial as we are full of which we are full of, or go to the capital of the risk that monkey Venice, Florence, Rome, go ahead!

Avoid coming to visit the most beautiful country in the world since you stabbed him in the back, we will welcome with open arms to those who have helped us, we will open our unique cities in the world to them, they can visit Venice, Rome, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Bologna, Pisa, Lucca, Assisi, Siena, Turin, Palermo, Agrigento, Milan, Cremona, Mantua, Ferrara, Tuscany, Monferrato, the Dolomites, the Alps, Puglia, Sardinia, etc. etc.

You destroyed poor Greece with your finance, you tried with Italy but you didn’t succeed, now maybe you saw the opportunity to settle the final blow, but in the blindness of your selfishness you didn’t calculate that the virus has no borders, it will strike everyone, you too!

If you had helped us yesterday in an attempt to stop the epidemic, you wouldn’t have to mourn your dead today and tomorrow…
Your selfishness has given the measure of how little you are!
Thank you so much.

That letter went viral, and the whole world talked about it. According to the World Meter, there are 110,574 coronavirus cases, and 13,155 passed away.

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