A Lifelong Friendship Between Dog and Dolphin is Melting Everyone’s Hearts

A Lifelong Friendship Between Dog and Dolphin is Melting Everyone's Hearts |

Dogs love making friends with everyone, including humans, dogs, and other animals. For example, dogs were such good friends with this sheep that he began to think of himself as a dog as well.

An unusual friendship between a dog and a dolphin is making the rounds on the Internet and netizens cannot seem to get enough of it. Several pictures of Gunner the dog and his friend Delta the dolphin are now viral.

Recently, Twitter user Ken shared a picture of the two meeting after a while. The picture showed the golden retriever licking his friend.

After the picture was shared by many users, a popular twitter account ‘We Rate Dogs’ revealed that Delta, who lives at the Dolphin Research Centre in Florida, has been friends with the dog since he was a puppy.

The research center also recently shared a throwback picture of Gunner and Delta when they were 8 weeks and 4-years-old respectively.

A week or so ago, many of you loved seeing Golden retriever Gunner reunite with his friend Delta on our live stream. We…

Posted by Dolphin Research Center on Thursday, 11 June 2020

The unusual friendship quickly went viral, and people from all over the world reacted to it.

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