A Dog Saved His Deaf Owner’s Life From Burning Home.

A Dog Saved His Deaf Owner's Life From Burning Home. |

Thanks to Pickle, the hero dog who warned her owner before things get worse, Kristen Callander is living today to tell us the amazing story of her dog, and how without her woking her up in the middle of the night that day, she wouldn’t be here today to telling us that story or preparing for her wedding.

In the middle of the night, Kristen was surprised when she saw her dog jumping over the bed, trying to tell her something, and giving her the warning sign she was trained to make earlier.

A Dog Saved His Deaf Owner's Life From Burning Home. |
Credit: Metro News

She started licking her and nudging, then guided her through the flat.

However, Kristen didn’t get it, because, till that moment, she couldn’t see anything at all, everything was fine. I asked her:” What’s wrong?” Kristen said according to the Metro News and added: “I couldn’t see anything wrong, so I thought maybe she is wrong“.

At that moment, she started feeling the vibration from the smoke alarm, and then she was shocked when she turned around and started seeing the flames billowing out.

A Dog Saved His Deaf Owner's Life From Burning Home. |
Credit: Metro News

I ran back to Matt and told him Pickle had shown me there was a fire and that we needed to get out as quickly as we could.’ Kristen Said to the Metro News.

If Pickle hadn’t have woken me up I wouldn’t be here, simple as that.’ Kristen added

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