7 Long Haired Small Dog Breeds

Long Haired Small Dog Breeds

7 long haired small dog breeds, as you probably know, there are currently more than 400 different breeds of dogs that are divided into different groups  

However, to make their classification simpler, it is customary to classify them according to the qualities they have (hunting dogs or company) or for some of their physical characteristics (small, medium or large dogs) or for their fur (short-haired dogs, long or hairless) or by the mixture of several of these characteristics

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7 long haired small dog breeds

Today we will talk about the small breeds of dogs with long hair and to illustrate it I will show you the photos of six breeds that according to what I have found are very good companions.

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And also, from my point of view, they are the most adorable creatures that tread the earth !!!  

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  • poodle
long haired small dog breeds

The playful poodle or poodle its maintenance unlike the other is much easier but it usually needs cuts, as its fluffy hair grows abundant and even very rushed.

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  • Yorkshire Terrier
long haired small dog breeds

One of the smallest is the elegant Yorkshire Terrier his fascinating hair in one of the most striking, his weight usually does not exceed 3 kilos. It requires patience since your hair tends to get tangled, another option is to cut it regularly but it is a matter of taste.

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  • Lhasa Apso
long haired small dog breeds

The imposing Lhasa Apso is a hairy of infinite hair is native to Tibet. It gives the impression of having hidden eyes, it is important that this type of dog brushes daily as it can go from straight to dreadlocks without realizing it.

  • Maltese Bichon
long haired small dog breeds

The coquettish Maltese Bichon are ideal for pets with their versatile appearance and for their great agility are preferred by many dog lovers. To keep your hair straight it is necessary to give morning baths and long hours of brushing.

  • Shih Tzu
long haired small dog breeds

We can not forget the oriental races, like the beautiful Shih Tzu, which are from China. Considered an excellent watchdog despite its small size. It is recommended for this type of breed to cut their fur from time to time so when combing it is much easier.

  • Lhasa Apso
long haired small dog breeds

The Lhasa Apso is a small-sized dog breed originally from Tibet. Thanks to its exotic appearance, this historic breed has been cultured since the 9th century BC

  • Skye Terrier
long haired small dog breeds

To finish we have an excellent example is the Skye Terrier. Known to be pets of a single owner. It is native to Scotland, has a majestic long mantle that is usually black, fire or bright white. For its great mantle take time to shower but the result will be surprising you will have a can with an overdose of style.

These are some breeds of small dogs with long hair that with much love and patience can become your ideal companion.

If you decide to adopt or buy a copy of these breeds keep in mind that they require special care to avoid problems and the development of diseases associated mainly with poor care of their hair.

Small long haired dogs

Undoubtedly, small breed dogs with long hair are one of the most loved by our readers. This is due to the natural beauty that radiates a good mane in small dogs. Although, of course, not everything is gold that glitters. We only recommend a small dog with long hair to those who are fully convinced that they will be able to meet their needs. And it is that a small dog with long hair, requires special care that not all owners are willing to assume.

How to take care of long haired small dog breeds ?

Small breed dogs with long hair have several problems that we list below:

  • Long hair gets dirty very easily. Especially if your dog is very active or you take it out often to walk, it will be very easy for your dog to get tangled in the mantle. This is difficult to avoid, so you’ll have to be more than attentive.
  • Your apartment will also get dirty. Unfortunately, the dirt that your dog brings from outside will go to your home, so it is convenient to watch that it does not wallow in places full of mud or where you think it can get some type of virus or bacteria.
  • During the molt, you will lose a lot of hair. It is something you cannot avoid. Long-haired dogs release a lot of hair, so you’ll have to vacuum often.
  • It is not recommended for allergy sufferers. For the above reason, this type of small dogs is not recommended for those who suffer from allergies.

Given this, we can only try to extreme hygiene. It is very likely that a dog of these characteristics needs a bath much more frequently than a small dog with a lot of hair. Before bathing it is very important that you comb it, since if you wait until after washing it will be much more difficult to undo the knots.

Small dog breeds that do not loose hair

Did you know that although some lose a lot, there are other small dogs that do not loose hair? The issue of letting go or not losing hair seems silly, but it is not! In fact, some people who abandon their dogs say that it is because of all the hair they release. – Well, one more excuse, but to avoid misunderstandings and have as much information as possible before committing for life, pay attention to this super list of small dog breeds that do not loose hair!

As much as we adore our beloved dog for the unconditional love and the company that they give us, we must admit that collecting their hairs all over the house is not the best activity for a Sunday … However, within small dogs, not all they release hair in the same amount. Come on, that while some may be a true “hairy hell” other small dogs do not lose hair.  

-If you are one of those who hate having to vacuum frequently and use the roller remover daily, do not worry. Check which dogs are more hair loose, to avoid them, and choose for your home one of these small dogs that do not loose hair.

Clarifications about small dogs that do not loose hair

First of all, we want to make four clarifications so that no one is led to an error with this issue.

1. All breeds of small or large dogs, loose some hair: unless you choose a bald puppy, that is, a breed of hairless dogs that exist. All other dogs (including those on this list), to a greater or lesser extent, will release SOME hair (this is the “toll” that is paid for having a dog). The difference is the grade, okay? Dogs that release a lot of hair versus dogs that do not release ALMOST hair.

2. A short-haired dog does not imply less hair release: In fact many times it happens the other way around, many breeds of dogs with short hair loose more hair than the breeds of dogs with long hair. So in the dog world, having long hair is not synonymous with letting go of hair.

3. Releasing little hair does not mean being a hypoallergenic dog: That is, it does not always mean that the dog is suitable to live with dogs allergic.

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little dogs with long hair

Long-haired dogs are beautiful, and for thousands of years, they have dazzled humans with their different, elegant and distinguished looks! However, it is believed that there are more than 400 breeds of dogs in the world today, in fact in the West we do not know all the races of the planet, much less! Many races are known only in their place of origin, and many are unknown to the great public.

So trying to name all the breeds of long-haired dogs in a single article would be totally impossible! What we can do is to know a few examples of long-haired dogs, especially the most popular long-haired dog breeds.

A curiosity Do you think these dogs will dirty your house a lot by moving their long hairs? Well, it depends, because often long-haired dog breeds are found on lists of dogs that do not release the hair. -Consult them in the link if you hate to vacuum the carpets and sofas!

 grooming and brushing types of small dog breeds

Definitely, the breeds of dogs with long hair are very beautiful. They are extremely photogenic dogs and suitable to wear in dog beauty competitions. Your hair is ideal for practicing different types of hairstyles, which also helps establish a greater bond between the owner and the pet. However, these canines are also known to release their hair constantly and leave the furniture in the house full of hair.

For this reason, it is important that the owner has constant care of the hair of the canine. But this will not be a problem for the owners who love doing the tasks that will keep the dog’s hair totally healthy. Remember that having long hair, the main task is brushing. There are people who see the task of brushing as a type of anti-stress exercise. 

Dogs that have long hair are perfect for those who love the tasks of brushing, those collected and, in general, love the beauty of mantle care.  

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