5 Reasons why Puppy Obedience Training is Absolutely Crucial

5 Reasons why Puppy Obedience Training is Absolutely Crucial |

Do you regard puppy obedience training as a trivial kind of training that maybe some people are exaggerating when they say it’s important?

If this is the case, we recommend you to continue reading to know that puppy obedience training is just more than teaching our canine commands or tricks.

Over the centuries, the relationship between humans and their canines have been developing as they looked for their owners as their pack leaders, do you wonder how this actually happened?

The development of the kind of training that we give to our canine made massive advancements in how we, humans teach and deal with our dogs or pets in general, thus got the ideal ways to deal with our dogs.

New ways and techniques were discovered and enhanced over the years for the sake of making both our lives and our dogs live more harmonious, and it is still ongoing.

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Puppy Obedience Training

Here are 5 reasons why puppy obedience training is a must for all pet owners that want their canine friends to well behave and respect these rules they were taught.

First, What is Puppy Obedience Training

Obedience training is all about teaching your dog basic commands, how do you expect him to behave and how to sociable towards other people and animals.

For achieving these goals, you should choose one of the three ways that are found out there; Enrolling your dog to a good obedience training school, seeking the help of a professional trainer or do it yourself.

Puppy Obedience Training; How Dogs Natural Instinct Help

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Puppy Obedience Training

Dogs nature traits of being social and pack animals made them look for their owners as their commanders, they seek their guidance on how to behave and what exactly they are supposed to do.

Depending only on the dogs’ nature won’t get us the canine behaviors we want our pets to gain, our dogs need rules to follow and we shouldn’t expect them to know the rules we want them to follow without actually teaching it to them first.

Plenty of benefits can be guaranteed from this kind of training that will make your pet’s life more fun with less stress. Also, your dog will gain self-confidence that will surely strengthen his mental health, hence, better and happier life. What is more interesting is that those are not the only advantages your puppy or dog will gain, there is more;

1# Better Management and Control

Teaching your puppy simple commands like “come”, “stand” or “stop” etc. will assist you in managing your pup better when he confront plenty of different situations throughout a day. You will be able to better control him while going for a walk or an outing to a dog park.

When you teach your puppy obedience training, he will be able to greet people and other dogs in a calm and smooth way, also you can take him to a lot of places like events or businesses that typically, you won’t take him unless you know your puppy will behave in a good well-mannered way.

Puppy obedience training will also reduce locking your puppy when someone comes by because you know your dog is well mannered so nothing to be afraid of.

2# Understanding Your Puppy

With the amount of time and situations that you and your puppy will be spending on obedience training, you will begin to know more about your puppy’s nature and traits, plus what he likes and what he doesn’t.

You will get to the point where you figure out more about your dog’s body language and any unique cues or signals he uses in communicating with him. It will also benefit your pet to know how to deal with your commands under many circumstances.

3# Puppy Obedience Training Could Be a Life Saver

5 Reasons why Puppy Obedience Training is Absolutely Crucial |

It is not an exaggerating statement, obedience training could save your canine’s life. In many situations, you will find that your dog needs guidance if any unusual thing happened in front of him. Dogs, when scared, would be hard to deal with, so imagine having a scared and untrained dog!

To train your dog to listen to your commands under different circumstances will help you in avoiding any dangerous incidents for your dog, with better control over him to be able to handle the situation.

Don’t leave your dog’s reaction towards an odd situation to be a thing that you will figure out when its time comes. Calling your dog if he was running to the streets and there is a car approaching, trying to race out the house door during a thunderstorm or while being evacuated from the house due to natural disasters.

It may seem far fetched to you, but if that ever happened wouldn’t you like to well prepared for such a situation? who knows what is going to happen, it’s better safe than sorry!

4# Puppy Obedience Training Will Strengthen Your Bond With Your Dog

Spending time with your dog will be a huge element in taking your bond with your puppy to the next level. Getting this kind of relationship with your puppy should be an essential thing, training your puppy using the right techniques will help you in building trust and respect for both you and your dog.

A well-trained dog or puppy is a confident, happy, less stressed, and manageable, and of course, with having a dog with such good behaviors, you will more content that it is an easy task for your puppy or dog to digest and understand what you are asking or expecting from him.

According to many studies, dogs with good obedience training would give their owner more attention. This will ease any stress with your dog and create an enduring happy bond between you and your dog.

5# Giving Your Puppy Needed Stimulation

When you are puppy obedience training your canine throughout his life, you are giving him important stimuli that he will need in his life; mental exercise, valuable time with you alone, physical exercise, and a job to do.

When you are giving your dog his favorite treat, he is prizing it in his mind to be a reward when he gets the opportunity to win it first. In your puppy’s mind, he thinks it is his job to get the command you are teaching him, so it gives him the feeling of satisfaction when he succeeds in digesting and comprehending the given command.

Make sure to have plenty of treats when you train your dog for not just only obedience training, but any kind of training. Using positive reinforcement while training your dog will make the training easier, more fun and with no negative effect on your puppy. If you are wondering what you can use as a treat for your dog, check Best Dog Training Treats; Healthy Treats and More!

Remember, you need to be positive, consistent and understanding while puppy obedience training your puppy. Share with us how obedience training is being useful for your pooch.

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